Poetry Contest that you should enter

I'm still coming down from finishing my last manuscript. I'll give a full report on where I've been for the last year, as I haven't posted much here. I've been reading your entries, but not always responding except for a few of you.

But I had to post this.

Please repost for the other poets out there.

RADAR Productions, in collaboration with Inconvenient Press, announces the first Eli Coppola* Memorial Poetry Chapbook Contest.

The contest is open to anyone who has not published a full-length collection of poetry in the past five years (not including self-published works.)

To submit:
Cover sheet with name, address, phone and e-mail
3 copies of 18-24 pages of poetry (manuscripts will not be returned)
$10 entry fee with check or money order made out to RADAR Productions
* to offset judges’ honoraria


Mail application materials to:
RADAR Productions
c/o Elizabeth Pickens, Administrative Coordinator
909 Hampshire St. Suite 4
San Francisco, CA 94110


Prize: Invitation to read in San Francisco’s RADAR Reading Series and 25 author copies of a professionally-designed chapbook of your work

Questions? Please email us at

Eli Coppola was a San Francisco based poet who was an important part of the city’s spoken word and literary scenes in the 1990’s. She died in 2000. Her many chapbooks have been collected in the volume Some Angels Wear Black, published by manic d press.

iPhone Apps?

At the $99 price drop, I bought in. My old phone from 3 years ago had seen better days.

Now: As far as these apps go, which ones do you guys like?

Like, I wanted one where I could manage my netflix account. There's a bunch of them, i don't know how to tell the difference.

Movie times, even worse. So many.

So I'm opening it up to you...


How I learned about Charles Baudelaire

Right about 20 years ago, I was at the house of divaluxe, who shoved a Diamanda Galas record cover in front of me, and told me to read this poem. Diamanda had set it to music. I thought this was the coolest poem ever. I was also on acid. Anyway, the acid wore off and I still thought it was some awesome stuff.

My moms (awww) sent me a copy of the book, Les Fleurs du Mal for my 20th birthday. If I could've worn out a book by reading it, the way old cassettes got warped from too many plays, it would've been. The book disappeared somewhere along the way of bad breakups & alcoholic chaos. But the memory remains...

I'll be 40 in two weeks. Lately I've been thinking of the first 20 years and the second 20 years. Thanks, divaluxe for being in my life. You're an awesome lady. Here's a little sumpin you turned me onto, now, I give it to LiveJournal.



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A bunch more translations here, if you so care.

Angels, by George Tirado

This is a poem by George Tirado, a poet who died a few months back. It's late on a Sunday evening. I've just come back from celebrating a 16 year sobriety of a friend of mine. I have just over 7 years myself. There was a whole crew of sober tattooed freakwads stuffing our faces Italian Family Style up in North Beach.

An anonymous poster posted to an old post of mine about George. He mentioned this poem.

Right now, i'm thinking of what could've been. George and his poems...I'm thinking of Frankie Glitter Doll, Frank's Depression, Beyond Redemption, David Lerner, Geoffrey aka Stinky, Vampire Mike, and all the others who died much too early. Bad health, too many drugs, too much to drink...fucking and shooting without proper precautions, and crossing the fucking street without looking.

Be careful out there.

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turning 40

well, my plans just went to shit. I was going out of town, but now I have to stay and work.

any ideas on turning forty from you guys? party ideas?